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How to earn cash with websites

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There are plenty of options. Some to consider:

When thinking about how to start earning money with websites you could consider the different scenarios about wether creating your own sales pages or rather consider getting something else. The options are many and the opportunities seems to be manyfolded the past short period of time. Many start with websites building or trying to build something from scratch like myself but after a while and many years of using own code there are examples where something like salespage doesn't require any coding but merely some detective work and a good eye for details. Alot of places they are offering whitelabel solutions just as this one (link here) my own where you just need to register an account with an affiliate system and right from bottom up you are offered a salespage readymade and designed for sales looking pretty and the only things you need to do is to adjust colors and some description texts that follow along the salespage or rather called whitelabel.

Some even represent a multilingual system where you can customize the texts in different languages to look different from the others and not be a copy of others rather be an original of yourself to avoid duplicate content like similar texts like other whitelabel owners because the solution is not exclusive but offered as a part of the swizz army knife that comes along with an affiliate account in some places.

There are many details about how to make money online. All methods or many at least are easy to spot and follow a general scheme while some might be more complex in terms of how to gather leads and push them towards creating a sale from a customer prior being a part of the audience like 96% of the traffic represented on websites around. Window Shoppers,

There are different tools to create a example salespage yourself to be enabled into displaying advertisements yourself. XML feeds creating custom pages/sites getting the content from a data feed related to the salespitch. Messenger accounts gathering contacts on places like facebook to create a contact list that gets marketing closeby as in advertisements into their inbox mostly about dating while messenger and facebook is a social media. Streaming websites gathering registrations into a database to send update mails about new content like also offer movies, series or adult porn content. Picture websites offering streaming as a relative opposite to the base of the spot placement. It works best this way. Pictures offering streaming or movies, videos. Streaming offering series or movies on a subscription level and sold in packages of small, medium and large where difference could be time or content it represent. Payment gateway and subscription software is necessary to handle the billing of subscriptions in-house as like platforms like ie. Netflix, YouTube or Spotify do not offer whitelabel solutions to partners but is an exclusive product offered to end-customers as is.

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